Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown All Weapons & Time Power List

Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown

In Prince of Persia The Lost Crown, there are two primary weapons available and 7 abilities. The two primary weapons are Qays & Layla’s swords and Menolias Bow. You can only upgrade your primary weapons by visiting a forge. To upgrade your weapons you will need crystals and ingots. Below you will find a brief guide on all the weapons and time powers available in the game and what they do.

Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown All Weapons & Time Power List

The swords are available at the beginning of the game and you have three different types of attacks. Press the down button and attack, the normal melee, and the up-direction attack. Each attack has a different animation and style that you can sync up with to perform a combo that will deal maximum damage to the enemy.

The Menolias Bow serves a dual purpose it can be transformed into a chakram that deals damage to enemies while returning to Sargon. The Bow and chakram have a single type of attack that is also used to complete challenges and helps Sargon in exploring Mount Qaf.

There are 6 new time powers but you can also add the “Chakram Shadow of Simurgh” to make it 7. This ability is unlocked after defeating Menolias in Upper City. In this ability, you will be able to throw the Chakram in any direction and teleport to the Chakram location.

This ability lets you pass through locked gates and platforms that are in high places. The Chakram also has a trick that travels double the distance if you rebound it from any object, floor, or wall. This way you can use the Chakram Shadow of Simurgh’s ability to travel to much higher platforms.

The other 6 time powers are:

  1. Rush of Simurgh – Unlock Air Dash.
  2. Shadow of Simurgh – Leave a clone at a place and teleport back to it at any moment. You can only place one clone at a time.
  3. Dimensional Claw – This lets you store a object or entity in another dimension and release them at your wish. This helps you to destroy to yellow walls, dodge some of the boss’s ability, and send it back to them.
  4. Clairvoyance – You can see the elements that are present in another dimension, which helps to bring forth platforms to complete challenges and puzzles.
  5. Gravity Wings – Gives you double jump ability.
  6. Fabric of Time – Works like a lasso that can pull enemies or propel Sargon to a platform.

These time powers are unlocked by following the main story and will be unlocked in the order mentioned above.

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