Palworld – How To Breed, Infuse And Upgrade Pals

PalworldPalworld is a world where mysterious creatures are known as Pals. The open-world survival crafting offers the chance to gather or farm numerous types of Pals which can assist you in combat as well as increase the efficiency of work. Breeding, Infusing, and Upgrading Pals are some of the most important features to grow your Pals stats and discover new Pals. Let’s learn how to do it and successfully breed and upgrade your Pals from this guide.

How To Breed In Palword?

You will be able to start breeding when you reach Level 19 in your Tech Tree. The Breeding Farm structure will be unlocked which requires 100 Woods, 20 Stones, and 50 Fibers to construct. Once the structure is constructed, you will be able to breed the pals by simply lifting any of the pals you want. Press “F” to lift and place it inside the breeding Farm. There should be a male and female pal required to breed. Now, the final task would be to place the Cake inside the Breeding Farm Storage box. This will ensure that the progress will run smoothly.

Finally, once the progress bar is filled up; you will receive an egg. The egg has a chance to hatch a variant of the pals if they are bred with specific types of elements. The stats and passive skills/traits of the offspring are inherited from their parents, so while breeding keep that in mind. Once you have the egg, you can incubate and hatch it in the Egg Incubator.

How To Infuse?

To upgrade the Pals, you are required to build a Pal Essence Condenser. To unlock the Pal Essence Condenser, you are required to have Ancient Technology Points as it is an Ancient Technology at Level 14. Once it is installed, select any Base Pal, and to upgrade select Pals of the same species to use as an essence to infuse them and increase their rank. Once it meets the requirement, begin condensation.

How To Upgrade Pals?

You can also Enhance Pals by offering Pal Souls to enhance/upgrade your Pal’s stats. There are three different types of Pals souls i.e. Small, Medium, and Large. Small Pal souls drop from Nox, Maraith, Deadrea, Felbat, Tombat, and Cawgnito. For medium Pal souls, you can get it from Helzephyr whereas for Large you can get it from Anubis.

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