Palworld – Difficulty Level Explained & Which One To Select


In Palworld, while creating a world or server to play or with friends, you will have four options in the difficulty setting to choose from. If you are not a hardcore gamer or don’t want to grind too much in Palworld, you can select the Casual setting. There are four different modes and below you will find a brief guide on which mode will be best for you.

Palworld – Difficulty Level Explained & Which One To Select

You can change the difficulty settings anytime you want even after the world creation. To change the difficulty setting after creating a world, you need to select the world and at the bottom of the screen, you can find the option to change world settings. There are four difficulty settings which are:

  • Casual
  • Normal
  • Hard
  • Custom

This game is more like survival where you fight, build and work. You can make the pals work or use them in battles. In the custom mode players will be able to tweak various aspects of the world settings according to their preference.

In the Casual mode, pals will be easier to catch, you will gain a lot more Experience points after completing battles. You will gather more resources and incubate eggs faster. Battles will be a bit easier and there is no penalty for death. This mode is best for those who want to enjoy the game but have limited time to invest in it.

In a normal difficulty setting you will get the standard game experience and upon death all your items will be dropped on the spot just like in other survival games. You can view the location on the map and visit the same area to retrieve your items.

In the hard mode, pals will be much harder to catch, you will gain less experience, and incubating eggs will take a long time. During the battles, you will deal less damage to enemies and will take more damage. In the normal difficulty upon death, only the items drop but in hard mode, your pals will be dropped including the items on the spot of death. This mode is for people who love challenges and can spend or invest a lot of time on Palpagos Island in Palworld.

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