Roblox Blade Ball – How To Get Dragon Spins Fast

Roblox Blade Ball

Roblox Blade Ball has a brand new update that brings you a new event that gives you Dragon Spin which can reward players with an insanely beautiful unique Dual Fire Katana. It is a nice reward which might be too hard to get as the drop rate is insanely low. However, if you are lucky and if RNG favors you then you can get the Dual Fire Katana which is a Unique weapon at first or second spin. Or you can’t get for even spinning for million times. However, it is still recommended to get all the free spins you can, so that you can obtain all the rewards that Dragon Spin has to offer.

How To Get Dragon Spins Fast And Get Dual Fire Katana In Roblox Blade Ball

There are multiple ways to get Dragon Spins for free. First and foremost if you have not Redeemed any code then use “SENTINELSREVENGE” to get a free spin. Apart from that you can get 2, 4, 7, and 10 Free Spins when you reach a certain milestone of 3, 8, 15, and 20 hours logged in respectively. The reward will reset daily so make sure you get the full value out of it.

To accumulate all these hours, you will be required to leave the game ON and go AFK by activating auto-clicker or something. Do not forget to claim all the spins. Finally, you will be able to get a Dragon Spin as a chest reward for participating in Sentinel’s PvE live event.

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