Roblox Blade Ball – How To Get All New Limited Swords

Roblox Blade Ball

Roblox Blade Ball is a PvP-versed game where sometimes the updates bring you new challenging PvE content. This time the Sentinel has returned and if you are new to this event and cannot wrap around what is going on then we have already posted an in-depth guide on how to defeat the Sentinel Boss and the two dragons which you can check out here. So, without any further ado let’s dive deep and get all the new limited swords in your Swords Inventory.

How To Get All New Limited Swords In Roblox Blade Ball

To grab all the cool Limited Swords and Emote, you are required to enter and defeat the Sentinel Boss in order to increase the EXP and gain a chest reward. The higher the EXP goes which means by defeating the bosses; you can claim the higher tier rewards at the end where you can pull Limited Swords.

The goal is to not die and deplete the health of the Sentinel. Even if your team starts dying slowly, until there is a single person alive and if you respawn back; the game is not over. However, the situation you will be in will be quite dire as multiple balls will be raging at you menacingly.

Participating and completing the Live Event each time is how you will be able to get Limited Swords. Remember the chances of getting or pulling the Swords are low. So, it’s common to get frustrated with some random RNG that might not favor you. Apart from that there is nothing much you can do except grind and enjoy the event till you get enough of it.

For more informative guides on Roblox Blade Ball, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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