Roblox Blade Ball – How To Defeat The Sentinel Boss

Roblox Blade BallThe new live event in Roblox Blade Ball has let Sentinel return to get revenge and avenge all the humiliation he had to face when he encountered us before. This time he came in too strong with empowered Royal Guards to defend himself. Well, there’s nothing to worry as the players who have honed their skills will shine in the arena.

How To Defeat Sentinel Boss At Roblox Blade Ball

Note: Each Phase 2 Health Bar will be depleted.
First Phase

To defeat the Sentinel Boss, you are required to deplete all 3 health which means you will have to survive all 3 phases of the boss. The first phase is quite simple as where you and your allies need to deflect balls to the Royal Guards and catch them off guards to deplete their health bars i.e. shown over their head.

In the first phase there would be a total of 6 Royal Guards so warm up as the difficulty will rise significantly. Well, almost forgot to mention that make sure you dodge the AOE shockwaves. Once you have defeated all the Royal Guards, Sentinel will be vulnerable to hit and all you need is to deflect the ball to Sentinel while dodging its attack for 10 times to deplete another health bar.

Second Phase

The second phase is quite similar to the first phase as you have to defeat 11 Royal Guards who are needed to deflect the ball to Sentinel straightforwardly. As there are more Sentinels, the number of balls in play will be increased. Make sure you perfectly dodge and Block to be in a comfortable position to deflect all the flying balls that are charging at you.

Similarly, hit the Sentinel up to 10 times to make it vulnerable and deplete its final health bar.

Secret Phase

Now, there is a random chance that you can encounter two dragons after defeating the Sentinel. The special swords will have a higher chance of dropping but it is not guaranteed. To defeat the dragons, you can stand on the high ground where the throne is to avoid all the lasers that cover the ground. This will allow you to simply focus on deflecting the balls. This also increases your success rate of defeating the dragons, as all the dead players will respawn and copy this tech.

Once the EXP is maxed out, you know that the reward you are getting is not something cheap unless your luck and RNG are too bad. So, best of luck and keep on grinding.

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