Prince of Persia The Lost Crown Sacred Archives 3 Corridor Puzzle

Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown

In Prince of Persia The Lost Crown, Sacred Archives is an area full of puzzles that require the Shadow of Simugrh’s ability to solve. Using this ability you need to unlock a new time power. This new time power will be used to break the seal and enter into the Eternal Pit Of Sand.

While exploring the Sacred Archives, you might come across a room on the northwest side of the map that has three corridors and requires you to use a device that brings forth three variants of Sargon. You need to use these variants to stand on the pressure plate and use switches in sync to open all the gates and reach the golden book. Below you will find a brief guide on where to find this puzzle and how to solve it.

Prince of Persia The Lost Crown Sacred Archives 3 Corridor Puzzle Solution

In this puzzle, you need to use two variants of your character to open all the locked doors and in the third attempt, you need to reach the golden book at the end. The first variant will have 28 seconds and you don’t have to hurry up at tall.

Take the bottom corridor and stand on the first pressure plate for 2-3 seconds. Then keep going towards the right to find the second pressure plate, and stand on it for 2-3 seconds. After that, you will find a lever that you need to interact with to open the first gate on the top corridor and then interact it with again after 2-3 seconds to open the second gate on the top corridor.

Then on the right you will find a pressure plate at the bottom corridor that you need to stand on for 2-3 seconds and then go towards the right and leave a clone using Shadow of Simurgh ability as shown in the image above.

Now in the second variant, you need to go to the top floor and do the same as you did with the first variant. Stand on the pressure plate for 2-3 seconds and keep moving towards the right. Stand on each pressure plate for 2-3 seconds and at the end, you will find a lever that you need to pull down. After pulling the lever teleport to the clone you left with the first variant to the bottom corridor. Once teleported you will find a pressure plate on the right stand that you need to keep standing on.

The final variant will take the middle corridor and go towards the right when the locked gate opens. At the end of the corridor, you will find the golden book. After getting the book you will be teleported out of the puzzle room and on the ceiling you will find a pathway unlocked that will lead you to Soma Tree Petal.

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