Prince of Persia The Lost Crown – How To Get Bow & Chakram

Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown

In Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown Sargon a young warrior who is the newest member of Immortals will be the main protagonist. There are two main weapons you can use in this game which are the blades and bow. The blade will be available from the start, but you need to progress in the main quest to unlock the bow. Below you will find a brief guide on where to find the bow and its location on the map.

Prince of Persia The Lost Crown – How To Get Bow

If you have played the demo or watched the trailer of the game, you will notice that Sargon wields a bow and chakram. However, you won’t possess these weapons at the beginning of the main game. To acquire the bow and chakram, you must progress through the game’s main quest.

To unlock this weapon, you need to reach the third area, the Hyrcanian Forest, which becomes accessible after passing Old Royal Road and Lower City. As the name implies, this area has a forest theme, and the boss here is a wild boar named Erlik.

Advance in the game until you reach the main quest titled “Find Menolias in the Forest.” Refer to the image above to pinpoint the exact location of the bow. After playing the game for 1-2 hours, you will arrive at this location to unlock the weapon. Given that this is an essential weapon, obtaining it is crucial for fully exploring the Hyrcanian Forest.

The bow proves versatile in various scenarios, allowing you to open different platforms by shooting flower buds. Additionally, you will require this weapon in other areas to overcome distinct challenges. As you progress further after obtaining the bow, you will encounter Menolias, who will enlighten you about the bow’s dual purpose.

The bow can be transformed into a chakram, serving as a ranged weapon. When thrown, it returns, dealing damage to all enemies in its path. To use the bow, press the Y button on Xbox, Triangle on PlayStation, X on Switch, and the Right Mouse button on PC. For the chakram, hold down these buttons, aim, and release them.

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