Prince Of Persia the lost crown – hidden floor spike room challenge

Prince Of Persia The Lost CrownIn the pursuit of the Anahita who has abducted the Prince of Ghassan in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown, Sargon is required to find the location and acquire various types of skills and abilities. These skills will allow you to explore Mount Qaf freely letting you bypass various types of traps and doors. The spike room that rewards a trophy “Hidden Floor” requires various types of skills to complete and conquer the chamber.

How To Clear Spike Room And Get Hidden Floor Trophy In Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown?

First and foremost to access the Hidden Floor in the Citadel elevator, you will be required to purchase a “Lost Key” from the Scrapper’s Shop at The Depths for 3 Xerxes. Now all you need to do is ride the elevator which will take a break on a floor where you can get an amulet “Gleaming Lion“. Now all you need is to use the swinging rod to climb top from where you have obtained the amulet to reach the hidden floor spike room.

To clear the spike room, you are required to first obtain these skills as mentioned “Rush of the Simurgh“, “Gravity Wings“, “Shadow of the Simurgh” and “Clairvoyance“. These are the unmissable skills that you will obtain after following the main quest. Therefore, it is recommended to obtain all these skills i.e. Air Dash, Double Jump, shadow copy, and dimension switch to complete the room challenge.

The room is simple when you have this ability unlocked. If you have purchased the Lost Key and made a stop at the Citadel elevator to go right; the Hidden Floor Trophy/Achievement will be awarded. For more informative guides on Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown, check the list mentioned below:

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