Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown – Time Served Trophy Guide

Prince Of Persia The Lost CrownIn Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown, a few initial areas that Sargon discovers have different branches of path which are still unavailable because he lacks essential abilities as per requirement. The Time Served Trophy/Achievement can be unlocked if you have a certain ability learned or in your possession to defeat a unique enemy in the Sacred Archives. Everything you need to know in order to achieve the trophy is explained in this guide.

Time Served Trophy/Achievement Guide For Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown

Sacred Archives is discovered at the early stage of the game, so we have already encountered the Jailer who must have put you in jail not long ago. If you attack him, you can feel that you are dealing significant damage but at a certain point, he gets transparent or invulnerable to normal or unique attacks. This indicates that you need to change and go to the same dimension where his vulnerable body is kneeling. If you do not have the time ability then you are incapable of defeating the Jailer currently.

How To Defeat Jailer

To defeat the Jailer you are required a key ability known as Clairvoyance which is unmissable as it is required for the story. Calirvoyance allows Sargon to enter a parallel dimension making elements appear and disappear locally.

You can teleport or fast travel back to the Sacred Archives and with the help of the Clairvoyance, you can reach the unreachable places by changing the dimensions from now onwards. Even the purple transparent Jailer can be damaged when you change the dimension and attack him where his body is at a vulnerable stage.

Once you defeat him ultimately, you will be able to obtain the Time Served Trophy/Achievement. For more informative guides on Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown, check the list of guides below:

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