Prince of Persia The Lost Crown new time power in sacred archives

Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown

In Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown to open the Pit of Eternal Sands you need to find two new time powers. The first time power is located in the Sacred Archives and the second time power is located in the Soma Tree. After completing the quest The Abducted Prince, you will unlock a new area called “The Depths”.

In this area, you need to complete the “Tiger and the Rat” quest to obtain a time power called “Shadow of Simurgh”. You need to keep following the old man till you meet with a version of Sargon that you need to defeat. After that, you will unlock the clone power and open up new areas in Sacred Archives. Below you will find a brief walkthrough and a marked map on how to reach the new time power in Sacred Archives and obtain it.

Prince of Persia The Lost Crown Find New Time Power In Sacred Archives Walkthrough

After getting out from The Depths you need to visit the area marked in the image above in Sacred Archives. There you will find a pillar with spikes on it that can be passed by using the shadow of Simurgh’s ability. From there keep following the marker and overcome challenging obstacles on your way to reach the room that contains the new time power Clairvoyence.

To unlock this new ability you need to complete four challenges that require using your Shadow of Simurgh ability. You can check out our previous guide on how to complete the four-door book puzzle in Sacred Archives to obtain the new time power. Once completed you will be able to pass pass through the purple walls or make them solid using your new ability. With this ability, you will also be able to defeat the Jailor in Sacred Archives that has been haunting you since you reached the area.

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