Prince of Persia The Lost Crown – Motherly Love Side Quest Guide

Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown

In Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown, the Motherly Love side quest begins when you encounter an old woman in The Depths area. Access this area from the lower city at the start of the game while searching for Anahita and Prince Ghassan. If you happen to enter The Depths during this pursuit, you’ll come across Rajden. A brief interaction with him will reveal that Anahita and Prince Ghassan are not in The Depths.

After locating Prince Ghassan and completing the “The Abducted Prince” quest, you will finally reach The Depths. To initiate the Motherly Love side quest, follow an old man within The Depths and complete the “The Tiger and The Rat” quest. Below you will find a brief guide on the old woman and Erlik’s location in The Depths.

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown – Motherly Love Side Quest Guide

The Old Woman is on a quest for vengeance for her children. In The Depths area, a creature named Erlik, similar to the one encountered in the Hyrcanian Forest, awaits. To fulfill the Motherly Love quest, defeat this creature and avenge the old woman’s children.

Refer to the image above for the marked location of the Old Woman and Erlik. The creature in question is the Undead Erlik. Once defeated, explore the room on the left side where you’ll discover the bones of all the people Erlik has killed.

Upon exiting the room, you will encounter the old woman again, who transforms into a monster and attacks you. It becomes evident that the old woman has been luring individuals into Undead Erlik’s lair, feeding it. This time, however, she didn’t anticipate Sargon’s ability to defeat Erlik. After overcoming the monster that the old woman turns into, you will complete the quest and acquire the Indomitable Spirit Amulet. This amulet enhances your melee damage when your health is low.

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