Prince Of Persia the lost crown – soma tree 3 statue puzzle solution

Prince Of Persia The Lost CrownTill this point of playing Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown, we know Sargon has to solve countless puzzles and secure multiple valuables that are not hard to solve but not easy to breeze through at the same time. One of the puzzles that involves 3 statues that need to be placed in a certain order and direction which will reveal a treasure chest might be challenging for everyone. Therefore, in this guide, we have explained everything you need to do in the area.

Soma Tree Three Statue Puzzle Solution For Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown

At Soma Tree, there is a certain area where you will read a tablet that notifies you about a secret puzzle that involves 3 statues. The words engraved on the tables are as follows:

These statues keep watch, a certain direction they face.

There's an object hidden within a secret place.

The largest looks to the east and watches all the rest.

The medium guards the smaller in the direction that is best.

Finally, observing the other two, the smallest awaits a guest.

According to the hint, you are required to arrange the statues and face them to certain direction. The largest statue to the east is the known direction. However, except the smallest statue other two are hidden. The largest statue is placed on the upper side of the puzzle area where the medium sized statue is placed on the lower side of the puzzle area.

Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown

Make sure you collect it and bring it to the puzzle area. If you are struggling to bring the medium-sized statue then place it on the higher platform as shown in the image and collect it from the top.

Now from there, you need to decode. The second statue i.e. the medium needs to be placed in the middle and face to the east side where the large statue is facing. Finally, the smallest statue needs to be placed in the third place facing west. This will reveal the chest that will give you a valuable item i.e. Azure Damascus Ingot.

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