Prince of Persia the lost crown old royal road map & all collectibles

Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown

Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown is a Metroidvania Souls-like game developed by Ubisoft Montpellier. There are various hidden treasures and collectibles for you to discover while exploring the majestic map of Mount Qaf. One of the small areas on the map you will come across is called “Old Royal Road”.

You might pass through this area at the beginning but to access this area again, you need to progress a lot further in the game.  Below you will find all the collectibles found in this area and where to buy the Old Royal Road map.

Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown Old Royal Road Map & All Collectibles Location

You need to find three collectibles in the Old Royal Road area. The three items are Xerxes, Lore collectible, and the treasure chest. You can find all three treasures by following the images above.

For the first collectible Xerxes you need to defeat an enemy related to the side quest “The Lost Warriors”. After defeating the enemy marked in the above image you will obtain the Xerxes. You need to be cautious while fighting this enemy as it has a heavy shield equipped. Dodge and parry its attack to find an opening or you can jump behind while it attacking to deal damage.

After defeating the enemy on the right side you will find a door and above the door a secret passage as marked in the image above. Keep going through that door to find a treasure chest and inside the chest, you will find a skin to change outfit.

The third collectible will be located on the floor marked in the image above. In the background, you can find a statue, on the left side of the statue will be a pillar. In front of the pillar on the ground, you will find the lore collectible.

The Old Royal Road map can be found in the lower city by talking to the young girl Fariba. You need to exchange 50 shards in return for the old royal map that will reveal the remaining area yet to be discovered. Fariba will be roaming around Mount Qaf and can be found in different areas selling respective maps. Visit the location marked in the image above to find the Old Royal Map.

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