Prince Of Persia the lost crown – Location Of Hyrcanian Forest Map

Prince Of Persia The Lost CrownIn Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown, one of the early discoverable and unlockable areas is the Hyrcanian Forest. Each new area at the beginning is not completely unlocked and it is impossible to know the layout unless you have assistance of some kind. Well, Fariba is more familiar with the area and knows the complete layout of the map. You are required to purchase it in order to learn the layout of the complete map however to purchase the map from her, you are required to find Fariba in each area. At Hyrcanian Forest, learn where you can find Fariba and unlock the complete map of it.

Location Of Hyrcanian Forest Map For Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown

From The Haven, if you move towards the Lower City and drop down at the beginning to advance to the west side; you will eventually find the dying Nojan who will give you a side quest “The Lost Warriors“. From there onwards advance and solve the waterwheel puzzle and defeat the Undead Prisoner who will drop a valuable item i.e. Soma Tree Petal. Soma Tree Petal is used to increase your maximum health capacity.

Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown

From there onward if you proceed East, you will discover the new area of Hyrcanian Forest. However, the Hyrcanian Forest is huge so if you do not want to miss 100% exploration then the map is necessary. Hyrcanian Forest Map can be obtained from Fariba who will be found sitting and drawing cheerfully as shown in the image above. Interact with her and purchase the map for a mere 50 Time points.

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