Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown – Waterwheel Puzzle Lower City

Prince Of Persia The Lost CrownAmong the seven Immortals in Prince Of Persia The Last Crown, the legendary Sargon and his companions turn the tide of the battlefield. After meeting Prince Ghassan and acquiring the Royal Sash from the Thomyris, Queen of Persia; the adventure of the lost crown begins after the abduction. The path is full of traps and puzzles which is nothing in front of the Black Wind; though few will make you exercise your brain.

After reaching a certain area in the Lower City, a side quest from Nojan is generated; you will stumble across a puzzle room that requires keen observation and a calm mind to solve the puzzle. The path will open when you reach the other end and activate the lever by jumping across in a particular way through the waterwheel. Here’s what you need to do!

Waterwheel Puzzle Solution For Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown

At the Lower City, there is a certain room where huge waterwheel and clockwork are found. Avoid the platform on the ground that activates the water to move the waterwheel. Hop on to the swinging rods and jump over to the left side of the waterwheel and activate the lever at the ceiling.

Next, drop down on the left platform to allow the water to fall from the ceiling. When the water changes the direction of the waterwheel, hop on to the swinging rods and jump over the right side of the waterwheel to reach the ceiling to activate the right lever placed on the ceiling.

Finally, drop down on the right platform to activate the water and move the clockwork on the right to raise the swinging rod to the top. Now, activate the left platform to rain the water on the left side to move the waterwheel to the right and jump on the swinging rods in succession to reach the far end on the right side. The activation lever will be on the topmost part in the direction of the door. This way you can solve the waterwheel puzzle and encounter the tough boss ahead i.e. “Undead Prisoner“.

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