Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown – Treasure Of The Seven Seas

Prince Of Persia The Lost CrownSargon, one of the prestigious Immortal who is a protagonist of the Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown is tasked to track down Anahita who abducted Prince Ghassan and fled to Mount Qaf. The questionable act of rebellious and sudden betrayal will unfold as all the Immortals are dispatched to save the Prince

However, Mount Qaf is not abandoned as you will find various NPCs or residents who are comfortable or in precarious situations where they need help. The quest Treasure of the Seven Seas is somewhat similar where one of the NPC requires assistance to find his precious pet. Here’s everything you need to know and why it is important to complete the quest quickly!

Treasure Of The Seven Seas Side Quest For Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown

While exploring Mount Qaf, you will eventually discover the area known as “Sunken Harbor“. You will meet a significant NPC “Pirate Captain” sitting on a throne who will request you to find a bird that holds significant value for him. Accept the “Treasure Of The Seven Seas” to complete the challenge and get a reward that deserves to be one of the best you can get from the pirate’s assistance.

To complete the quest, all you need is to reach the end where a huge parrot will be found. The chamber is full of parkour challenges where you need to avoid the spike walls and maneuver yourself in such a way with the help of all the skills you have. Specifically the air dash or “Rush of the Simurgh” is required to complete the quest.

Once you reach the end and collect the parrot, escort the pirate’s companion back to him and the parrot will secretly mark all the treasures found in your map. This additional information makes this quest more tempting to complete quickly as the difficulty is too low.

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