Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown – How To Unlock Fast Travel

Prince Of Persia The Lost CrownMount Qaf is a labyrinth where travelers have been experiencing differences in the flow of time in Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown. For some it might be hours, for others, it can be days or years. At this place, Prince Ghassan has been held captive by Anahita whom The Black Wind is pursuing to rescue and escort back the prince to his palace.

As the areas to explore in Mount Qaf will gradually increase, it will become quite problematic if you do not know how to unlock Fast Travel. Once you get or unlock the map from Fariba, you will notice that there is a Fast Travel point in The Haven. However it’s locked; so, the question is how to fast-travel or unlock the gate. We have explained everything you need to know if you want to access and unlock the Fast Travel feature in this guide.

How To Unlock Fast Travel In Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown?

After defeating the first main boss, Jahandar; you will unlock Homa Statues Network. Usually, it will take you 90 minutes to 120 minutes to unlock the Fast Travel Homa Statues Network. The Fast Travel can only be performed if the two Homa Statues are connected, or rebuilt in this case.

From one Homa Statue to another you can Fast Travel, so it is necessary to explore and rebuild the Homa Statues to Fast Travel. Without the Homa Statues, you cannot Fast Travel from one location to another. Therefore at the beginning, you cannot access the Fast Travel location in The Haven. However, the situation is different now as you have already discovered and rebuilt the Homa Statue Network after defeating the first main boss, Jahandar

Once you advance and obtain new skills to explore the areas; more Homa Statues Network can be discovered that let you access to Fast Travel option. For more informative guides on Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown, we have listed it below:

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