Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown – Ancient Power Unearthed Guide

Prince Of Persia The Lost CrownThe quest to pursue the culprit or Anahita who has abducted Prince Ghassan in Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown will let you explore Mount Qaf and discover mysterious secrets. After advancing to certain areas and acquiring Menolias bow and learning a Chakram skill from him, you will return to the Lower City where The Mage or shop is located at The Haven.

Whereas this time Fariba will give you a hint on how to reach Upper Citadel. However this is not the only change you will encounter; the Kaheva’s Forge will be accessible where you can meet the Immortal blacksmith, Kaheva. She will provide you with a quest “Ancient Power Unearthed“. If you are wondering what you need in order to complete the quest then we have provided the complete walkthrough for the quest here.

Ancient Power Unearthed Side Quest Guide For Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown

To obtain the required Raw Ore for Kaheva, you have to possess and learn two skills i.e. the ability to throw Chakram from your bow and “Rush of the Simurgh (optional) which is obtained after defeating the first boss Jahandar.

Prince Of Persia The Lost CrownFrom the Homa Statues Network or Fast Travel point in the Lower City “Scholar’s Area“, you are required to explore the area ahead/below. Follow the marker on the map and you will reach a steel platform which is a kind of lift. Use your Chakram below to hold and activate the mechanism to descend as shown in the image.

Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown

From there onward you have to use your Chakram to pave your path forward and move to the chamber where a chest lies alone. Open the chest to trigger the traps and now you have to simply dodge all the spike traps. After successfully dodging all the spike traps, the chest can be unlocked which will reveal the key item for the quest “Raw Ore“.

Teleport back to The Haven and deliver the ore to the Blacksmith, Kaheva. Completing this quest will reward you with a new Amulet i.e. Shield of Mithra that creates a small time bubble that slows all enemies within after performing a successful parry. As it is a powerful buff or art, therefore it will take 3 slots of your Amulet.

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