Secret Staycation Roblox – Location Of All 7 New Food

Secret Staycation

Secret Staycation is an adventure game where you need to climb various terrains inside the house and find different food items. While the landlord is out of the house, all the food is having a staycation and you need to find the hidden inside various corners of the houses. In the new update, 7 new food items have been added and the list of these items are:

  • Salt Potato Chip
  • Croissant
  • Sakuramochi
  • Blueberry
  • Coconut
  • Peanut
  • Tamago Sushi

Secret Staycation Roblox – Location Of All 7 New Food & How To Get

To obtain the salt potato chip, you need to first unlock “Caviar”. The Caviar is located between the two table plants on the right side of the refrigerator. You need to climb the refrigerator jump onto the table and find the Caviar between the table plants.

After that, you need to change into Caviar and go to the bathroom. On the right side of the washing machine, you will find a small gap. In that small gap, you will find the salt potato chip. Caviar is the only food item that could enter the gap to obtain it.

Croissant can be found behind the spawn room door as shown in the image above. You can use any thin food item to enter the gap and obtain it.

Sakuramochi is located on top of the washing machine behind the white laundry basket.

To find blueberry you need to jump into the bathtub. You can use any food item that can jump far enough to climb the yellow stool in the bathroom and jump into the bathtub. Inside the bathtub, on the right side of the wooden slope, you will find blueberry. Some food items will float in the bathtub like carrots that cannot be used to obtain blueberries. You need to use food items like caviar that can jump far and will drown in the bathtub.

The coconut is located in a high area inside the bathroom. To reach the coconut you will need the candy cane. The candy cane is located on top of the curtain at the main spawn area. To reach the candy cane you need to climb up the vacuum cleaner and reach the watermelon first. After that keep progressing the pathway to reach the candy cane.

After unlocking the candy cane, go to the bathroom and on the left side you will find a rope to hang clothes. Use the candy cane reverse U shape on the rope to reach the other end. Then climb up the towel and again use the rope to reach the coconut.

Peanut is located behind a small room that can be accessed by pushing the tile on top of the bathtub. Check out the image above to find the tile you need to push to find the peanut. You will need a medium size food item that will be able to push the tile to access the small room.

Tamago Sushi is located inside the laundry room sink pipe. First, you need to climb up the laundry room sink and there you will find a rubber duck. Use Caviar and stand on top of the duck, then jump inside the sink water tap to find Tamago Sushi

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