Roblox Slap Battles – How To Get The Snow Peep Fast

Roblox Slap BattlesHaving fun in the Roblox Slap Battles Arena where the bodies are flying with random effects due to the gloves equipped by your fellow friends/players in the server. To get Snow Peep and “Into The Crypt” Badge, it is recommended to play with 2 or more friends as it will quickly allow you to coordinate and get you the Snow Peep inside the secret chamber where the Relic demands an audience. Here’s what you need to do!

How To Get The Snow Peep Fast In Roblox Slap Battles?

To get the Snow Peep, you are required to collect three unique items i.e. Alchemist’s Hood, Bob Plushie, and Rob Plushie. These items are found in unique zones such as Eluze Maze, ? Zone or Reverse Zone/Limbo and The Null Zone respectively.

To enter the Elude Maze, you are required to find the keypad i.e. found on the bark of the tree that has green leaves. The chances of spawn are low, so it is recommended to swap servers to find it. The keypad has a chance to spawn every 10 minutes but the chances are low, so it is better to swap servers.

Once you have found the keypad, check the number of players in the server and use the corresponding keycode i.e. listed below:

  • #1 – 1118
  • #2 – 1143
  • #3 – 1168
  • #4 – 1193
  • #5 – 1218
  • #6 – 1243
  • #7 – 1268
  • #8 – 1293
  • #9 – 1318
  • #10 – 1343
  • #11 – 1368
  • #12 – 1393
  • #13 – 1418
  • #14 – 1443

After entering the correct keycode, you will enter the Maze where you are required to find a map engraved on the golden tablet. Behind the map, you will find a small narrow passage where the Alchemist’s Hood can be collected.

Next in line is Rob Plushie. To collect the Rob Plushie, you are required to coordinate with your friends. They are required to equip Rob and Bob with gloves each. After activating their ability they need to clash with each other to open a portal that will such you into The Null Zone. Simply advance forward and once you reach a chamber that resembles a jail quarter, you will need to look where tables are placed to find the Rob Plushie.

Finally, to collect the Bob Plushie, you and your friend are required to equip the Reverse glove. Activate the ability to hit at the same time to teleport into the Reverse Zone. It cannot be achieved on your first try so keep on attempting to hit at the same time. The gravity in the ? zone will be low, so you are required to climb on top of the pillars to reach the floating island or rock.

The Bob Plushie will be placed on one of the initial floating rocks. Once you have collected the Bob Plushie, the door will open which will teleport you to a chamber in The Null Zone where Snow Peep can be collected to unlock the Pan Glove.

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