Roblox Slap Battles – how to get Pan Glove & Into The Crypt Badge

Roblox Slap BattlesThe funniest and most frustrating at the same time in Roblox Slap Battles is to unlock and use the new Gloves. The Pan Glove can be unlocked if you unlock or obtain the Badge “Into the Crypt“. To get the badge, you are required to possess 3 necessary items i.e. Alchemist’s Hood, Bob Plushie, and Rob Plushie. Here’s what you need to do!

How To Get “Into The Crypt” Badge And Pan Glove In Roblox Slap Battles

First, to get Alchemist’s Hood, you are required to go to the Elude Maze. The Elude Maze can be entered by accessing certain codes in the keypad found on the trees that have green leaves. the chance of keypad spawning is low, so it is recommended to change the server and look for the keypad as it spawns. The keycode, you will need to enter the Elude Maze is listed below:

Number Of Players - Code
  • #1 – 1118
  • #2 – 1143
  • #3 – 1168
  • #4 – 1193
  • #5 – 1218
  • #6 – 1243
  • #7 – 1268
  • #8 – 1293
  • #9 – 1318
  • #10 – 1343
  • #11 – 1368
  • #12 – 1393
  • #13 – 1418
  • #14 – 1443

Enter the keycode depending on the number of players present in the server. So if there are 8 players on the server, enter “1293” to enter the Elude Maze automatically. Look for the map i.e. engraved on the wall. Behind the map, there will be a small passage where the Alchemist’s Hood can be collected.

Next on the line is Rob Plushie. You are required to enter an arena with your friends who must have equipped Rob and Bob whereas you should equip a Default Glove. Let them activate their abilities in the same time and create a huge portal after running into each other. Enter the portal to teleport into The Null Zone. Advance forward activating all the switches and defeating all the enemies to pass the hurdle. Once you enter the jail quarter, look for the Rob Plushie which will be placed on the table. Collect it and your task is over.

Finally, to get the Bob Plushie, you are required to equip a Reverse Glove along with another player/friend. Both of you must activate your Glove ability and hit at the same time to trigger a teleportation to Limbo. Keep on trying as it is hard to get.

Once you have teleported into the Limbo, the gravity will be too low. This will allow you to jump on the pillars and reach the floating islands or pieces of land. The Bob Plushie will be placed on top of the floating rock. This will open a door in Limbo which will teleport you to The Null Zone. Collect the Snow Peep placed on top of the casket to get the “Into the Crypt” Badge which will unlock the Pan Glove.

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