Roblox Anime Champions Simulator – Location Of All 3 Apples

Roblox Anime Champions Simulator

In the Roblox Anime Champions Simulator update, players can unlock a new area called Virtual Palace in Galaxy 2. To unlock this area you will need 1.2M Dark Matter. You can earn dark matter by completing raids in hard mode to obtain more or sell your champions in Galaxy 2 Marine Fortress.

Once you have obtained sufficient Dark Matter you can unlock the Virtual Palace after the Marine Fortress. Teleport to the Virtual Palace to find a floating spaceship and a big area to explore. In front of the spaceship at the spawn area, you will find an NPC called “Apple Picking Villager”.

While Interacting with the villager, you will get a quest to locate three apples hidden around the area. You need to find three different colored apples which are green, yellow, and red. Below is a brief guide on where to find these three apples and complete the quest.

Roblox Anime Champions Simulator – Location Of All 3 Apples

The first apple you can easily locate is the green apple. Upon accepting the quest from the Apple Picking Villager, direct your attention to the tree behind the NPC. Hanging from a branch amidst the leaves, you will find the green apple fruit.

To find the second apple, venture into the forest area located to the right of the palace. Behind the spaceship in the spawn area, you will encounter a palace with a locked door. In front of the palace stands the “Trapped Player” NPC. On the right side of the forest, numerous trees are present, and beneath one of them lies the yellow apple. Refer to the image above for the precise location.

The red apple is situated beyond the spawn area boundary. Progress forward from the spaceship at the spawn area to step outside the boundary, and seek out a house with two trees, as depicted in the image above. In one of these trees, you will discover the red apple.

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