Pet Simulator 99 Best Enchant & Super lightning Enchant Roblox

Pet Simulator 99

In the latest update of Roblox Pet Simulator 99, players will be able to upgrade their tier 6 enchants to tier 7 enchants which will provide more stats boost. To upgrade an enchant to tier 7, you will need 7 tier 6 enchants and upgrade them in area 16 enchant upgrade machine.

There are various types of enchants available, while some of them can be obtained free, for others you need to spend some Robux premium currency. Below you will find a list of the best enchants, how to get them fast, and obtain the super lightning enchant.

Roblox Pet Simulator 99 How To Get Best Enchant Fast & Super lightning Enchant

The list of best enchants and their cost in this game are:

  • Huge Hunter: 3 – 3.5M Diamonds (Increase your chances to hatch huge pets from best eggs. Huge pets get sold for a lot of diamonds).
  • Fortune: 600 – 700k Diamonds (Can also be obtained from the spinny wheel but has a very rare chance and is not available in every spin).
  • Lucky Egg 7: 7.5 – 8M Diamonds
  • Diamonds 7: 8 – 8.5M Diamonds
  • Treasure Hunter 7: 2.3 – 2.6M Diamonds

To best way to obtain enchants quickly is by playing the “Chest Rush” mini-game in area 45. You need to equip all the treasure hunter enchants and use the potion to increase your drop chances. Play all the mini-games in various areas and complete Obby to get free enchants.

You can also obtain enchant from Daycare in Area 20 by enrolling 10 of your best pets. In area 21 you will find a free enchants treasure chest that gives one free enchant every 45 minutes. You can also trade the enchants you require with your friends or other players in the trading plaza or buy them using diamonds.

The Super Lightning enchant can be obtained by completing an achievement. You need to upgrade your enchants 5000 times to unlock the super lightning enchant. The super lightning enchant sends a bolt of supercharged lightning while tapping on the breakables. This enchant can also be bought from the trading plaza for 3.3 to 3.6M Diamonds.

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