Pet Simulator 99 Shiny Relic 56-60 Location In Update 3

Pet Simulator 99

The Pet Simulator 99 Roblox game has added five new shiny relics. These relics are hidden in different areas that you need to find to increase your shiny pet’s chances. Shiny pets have higher powers than their normal counterparts.

In update 3, four new areas and eggs have been added that players can unlock by using the emerald coins. The developers have also added 25 new Christmas presents for the players to discover and collect them.

Every hour on the server you will find a Santa Paw sleigh that will start from the spawn areas and will keep dropping presents till the final area. You will find a notification on the top side 10 minutes before the Santa Sleigh appears. If you are lucky enough, you will find a  Huge Jolly Narwhal from the Santa sleigh drops.

Apart from these updates, five new shiny relics have been added that increase the chance of obtaining shiny pets while hatching eggs in the spawn area. To further increase your chances of obtaining shiny pets, you can equip a shiny hunter enchant. Below you will find the location of five new shiny relics.

Pet Simulator 99 Shiny Relic 56-60 Location In Update 3

The location of shiny relics 56-60 are:

  • Area 59 Cozy Village – On the left side you find a lot of houses. You will find the shiny relic behind the last house.
  • Area 63 Frost Mountains – On the front side you will find a snow merchant stall. On the right side of the stall, you will find a tree and snow rock. Behind the snow rock, you will find the shiny relic.
  • Area 64 Ice Sculptures – On the left side behind the rocks you will find a shiny relic.
  • Area 65 Snowman Town – On the far left side you will find two houses and a snowman on the left side of the house. Behind the snowman, you will find the relic.
  • Area 67 Polar Express – On the right side top of the train you will find the relic.

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