Pet Simulator 99 All New 25 Christmas Present Location Roblox

Pet Simulator 99

In the latest update 3 of Pet Simulator 99 the devs have added 25 new Christmas presents hidden in different locations. Inside the presents, you can find small, medium, or large gift boxes. The clan that opens the highest number of presents will huge pet as a reward. Below you will find the location of 25 new locations to find the Christmas presents.

Pet Simulator 99 All New 25 Christmas Present Location Roblox

  1. Spawn – Behind The Pet Box.
  2. Area 15 Enchanted Forest – Behind the big tree.
  3. Area 21 Coral Reef – On the front left side top of a small cliff.
  4. Area 25 Tiki – Behind the Rebirth One right side pillar.
  5. Area 28 Shanty Town – Right side in front of the house.
  6. Area 32 Red Desert – On the right side behind the cactus.
  7. Area 39 Ice Rink – Right side near the trees.
  8. Area 45 Lava Forest – Left side behind the trees, opposite chest rush.
  9. Area 47 Underworld Bridge – Behind the rare potion vending machine.
  10. Area 49 Metal Dojo – Left side half submerged in the lava.
  11. Area 51 Samurai Village – Left side behind the house.
  12. Area 52 Bamboo Forest – On the right side inside the shop with a pink curtain.
  13. Area 53 Zen Garden – Right side in the middle of the rocks.
  14. Area 55 Fairytale Meadows – Left side behind the rocks.
  15. Area 56 Fairytale Castle – Right side in front of the castle door.
  16. Area 57 Royal Kingdom – Right side behind the top clan board.
  17. Area 58 Fairy Castle – Right side near the castle door hidden behind the door.
  18. Area 59 Cozy Village – Right side behind the house.
  19. Area 64 Ice Sculptures – Right side hidden behind the rocks, zoom out the camera and look from a top-down view to find the present.
  20. Area 64 Ice Sculptures – On the left side in the open area.
  21. Area 65 Snowman Town – On the right side behind the snowman.
  22. Area 65 Snowman Town – You will find two houses above the cliff on the left side. On the right of the second house, you will find the present.
  23. Area 66 Ice Castle – You will find the present on the front left side.
  24. Area 65 Snowman Town – On the left side top of the house.
  25. Area 65 Snowman Town – On the right side under the train.

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