Pet Simulator 99 How To Get Snowball Launcher & What It Does?

Pet Simulator 99

In Pet Simulator 99, a new update 2 has arrived and with a lot of new content. There are new areas, items, pets, and gifts. One of the new items added to the game is the snowball launcher. You can shoot snowballs out of the launcher but to obtain it you need to find the snow merchant. Below you will find a brief guide on where to find the snow merchant and what the snowball launcher does.

Pet Simulator 99 How To Get Snowball Launcher & What It Does?

Snowball launcher is one of the equipable items in PS99 after the latest update. The pet simulator can only be found in the current final stage which is Area 63 Frost Mountains. You will have to grind a bit to reach this area and requires pets with damage around 120k+.

Once you reach this area, you will find a snow merchant shop on the front side. The snow merchant sells the Snowball launcher for 30k diamonds. Additionally, you can buy ammo which is the snowballs for 100 diamonds for 10x ammo.

The snowball launcher is a rare item while the snowball ammo is an epic rarity item. You can equip the snowball launcher by going into your inventory and clicking on the item. To shoot the snowball launcher, point at anything or object and press the left mouse button.

The launcher deals extra damage to breakable objects when you shoot ammo on it. It will deal extra damage as almost half of your tap damage. For example, if your tap power is 10b, it will deal an extra 5b damage to the breakable object. But this will exhaust one snowball that costs around 10 diamonds.

So in my opinion buying the snowball launcher and the snowballs is a complete waste of diamonds. You won’t require it at all to complete any challenge or event. Only buy if you want to have fun with your friends, shoot snowballs at each other and other players, or if you have a lot of extra diamonds. But one can never have enough diamonds in PS99.

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