Pet Simulator 99 Farm Christmas Present & Gingerbread Guide

Pet Simulator 99

In Pet Simulator 99, up until now, there wasn’t any way to obtain a Titanic pet without spending real money. But after the recent update, players have a chance to get it for free. To obtain a Titanic pet for free, players need to obtain a Titanic Christmas Present. Below you will find a brief guide on how to farm Christmas presents and get a Titanic Christmas present.

Pet Simulator 99 How To Farm Christmas Present & Gingerbread Roblox Guide

With the latest update, players can find Christmas presents in the game. There are five different types of Christmas presents available which are:

  • Small Christmas Present
  • Medium Christmas Present
  • Large Christmas Present
  • X-Large Christmas Present
  • Titanic Christmas Present

Players have a chance to obtain a Titanic pet by opening the Titanic Christmas present. There are multiple ways to get Christmas presents. The list of methods you can farm Christmas presents are:

  1. By finding 50 hidden Christmas presents in some of the areas.
  2. By destroying the breakables, players have a small chance to obtain a Christmas present. You can increase the chance by using treasure hunter potions and enchants.
  3. By Claiming from advent reward. At the spawn area instead of a fountain, you will find a Christmas tree. Behind the Christmas tree, you will find the advent reward area. Players can claim the Christmas present by completing the daily challenges.
  4. By destroying the gingerbread house. While you are active in the game, just like comets, a gingerbread house can spawn in any area at any time. You need to look for the pop-up notification that gingerbread is going to appear in a certain area. Then quickly visit the area and use your pets to break the gingerbread house to obtain Christmas presents.
  5. In Area 45 Lava Forest Chest Rush mini-game you have a chance to obtain Christmas presents by destroying the breakables.
  6. You can buy the presents from the trading plaza using diamonds or pets.
  7. By finding the elf on the shelf pet. Interact with it to obtain a Christmas present daily. After unlocking the advent reward you can find this elf. Every day the elf will change location and you need to find it and interact with it. On Day 2 the elf is located in Area 14 Mushroom field on the left side.
    Day 3 – The Elf is located in area 38 Icy Peaks. Enter the Ice Obby and you will find the elf on the left side. But the elf will only appear in the private servers of the game.
    Day 4 – Area 39 Ice Rink, beside the snowman on the right side.
    Day 5 – Area 7, Farm on the right side top of three crates.
    Day 6 – Area 60, Rainbow River on the right above the wooden bridge.
    Day 7 – Area 52 Bamboo Forest, on the right side hidden between the house and bamboo trees.
    Day 8 – Area 30 fossil Digsite, on the front right side.

Note: Bookmark this page and visit every day to find the new elf location.

At the spawn area beside the Christmas tree on the left side, you will find a lot of Christmas present boxes and an option to upgrade your small presents to a higher tier. To obtain the Titanic Christmas present you need to upgrade 5 X-Large Christmas presents. The Titanic Christmas present has a very rare chance to drop the Titanic pets. There is a very small chance to obtain the titanic present by destroying the gingerbread chest.

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