House Flipper 2 – “It Ain’t That Easy” Trophy/Achievement Guide

House Flipper 2In House Flipper 2, trophies are awarded to players who have achieved or accomplished certain feats. Some achievements are straightforward and are unlocked after cruising through the quests whereas some are locked behind acts that are hard to guess or get.

It Ain’t That Easy is an achievement that can be unlocked after performing a specific action that many have tried to earn money through an unique way. In the life of Flipper, there is no easy way out. If you want to learn how to unlock this achievement then read this small comprehensive guide.

“It Ain’t That Easy” Trophy/Achievement Guide For House Flipper 2

To get the “It Ain’t That Easy” achievement/trophy, you are required to collect Trash on any map and try to sell it. Trash can be collected in your Trash bag and then you can throw it down to sell it. To sell the trash, you will need to equip and use Flipper Tool. Attempting to sell the trash will unlock this achievement.

As Trash is found in every job, you can choose to get this achievement anytime if you have not yet unlocked it. If you are interested in learning how to unlock or get all the achievements/trophies in House Flipper 2, then check below the description:

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