House Flipper 2 – “Deja Vu” Trophy/Achievement Guide

House Flipper 2In House Flipper 2 there are a total of 36 achievements/trophies that you can unlock to claim that you have completed the game 100%. There is a particular achievement/trophy “Deja Vu” that can be unlocked after performing a specific action to satisfy the condition. The hint is already declared through the trophy’s name, so you have to recreate the same action on the same quest or job. Well, knowing is simple but doing it might be a little tricky. So, if you are intrigued about how to get a “Deja Vu” trophy/achievement read it to the end.

“Deja Vu” Trophy/Achievement Guide For House Flipper 2

To get a “Deja Vu” Trophy or achievement, you are required to complete any job and then open the Emails and select the “Archive” Tab. Now you can restart the completed quests to unlock this achievement in your account. This is quite simple as the name suggests you to retry the same job twice. The achievement is not tied to a specific quest or requires a particular job to complete. Therefore, you can select any quest or job for the first time to get this trophy.

If you are interested in learning how to unlock or get all the achievements/trophies in House Flipper 2, then check below the description:

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