Throne And Liberty About Hamel All Pages Location

Throne and Liberty

As Throne And Liberty is an MMO RPG game, to know about its lore, you need to find multiple code collection pages scattered across the map. Find these pages to complete the collection and unlock the achievement. The About Hamel collection contains three pages that can be found near Kastleton. Below you will find the location of all three pages and how to reach them.

Throne And Liberty About Hamel All Pages Location

On the north side of Kastleton, you will find an abbey called Kastleton Abbey. In the codex collection, the About Hamel lore has three pages that you need to find. You will find all three pages in the Kastleton Abbey, while one of the pages will just be in the front of your eyes when you reach the Abbey, the other two are located in a bit tricky location and to reach them you need to do a bit of acrobatics.

The first page is located on the right side of Abbey’s main door in the open area. Behind the well, you will find a corridor and on the ground, there will be a mysterious book.  For the other two books, you need to climb on the parapet behind the cemetery and go behind the Abbey.

On the right side of the cemetery, you will find a wooden box that can be used to climb the parapet. Keep progressing from the edge of the parapet to reach the mysterious book, marked in the image above. The parapet will have ups and downs, so make sure not to fall on the right side.

Once you reach the second page, the third page will be located on the slanting roof of the Abbey as marked in the image above. You need to jump onto the slanting roof to find the third page. After collecting all three pages, you will complete the About Hamel collection on the codex page.

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