How To Get Fox Lamp Blox Fruits Roblox & Where To Find It

Roblox Anime Champions Simulator

The Fox Lamp is a legendary sword in Blox Fruits that players can get after the latest update. In the Kitsune update, players will be able to buy the Kitsune Fruits and get the new cosmetics. In the sea danger level 6, the player can encounter an island with a shrine in the middle during the full moon and offer Azure Ember to obtain new items.

The Embers will be floating around the island and sometimes get inside the landscape, so you need to be fast enough or use your abilities to catch them. Below is a brief guide on where to find the secret kitsune shrine island and how to get the Fox Lamp legendary sword.

Note: When a full moon starts in the server, players can find a chat message, “The light of a full moon peaks through the clouds”.

How To Get Fox Lamp Blox Fruits Roblox & Where To Find It

To get the Fox Lamp, you need to find the Kitsune Shrine. The Kitsune Shrine only appears during the full moon, so players need to venture out to sea danger level 6 during a full moon and hope for the shrine to appear.

The Kitsune shrine looks like a small island with big trees. In the middle, you will find the shrine that you need to activate to start an event. The spawn rate of the kitsune shrine is quite low and you need to be lucky to find one.

The island will only appear once the full moon starts, the full moon takes place every 3-4 in-game days and will be every 1-1.5 hours in real-time. Keep exploring the sea danger level 6 with a boat during a full moon and the island will appear.

Once the island appears, get to the middle and interact with the shrine to unleash a beam to the sky which will release a lot of Azure Ember. These are the blue flames that float around the island which you need to collect 20+ Azure Ember. Offer these embers to the shrine in the middle to get a chance to obtain a Fox Lamp.

The list of rewards you can obtain by offering Azure Ember in the shrines is Fox Lamp, Kitsune Mask, Kitsune Ribbon, Kitsune Aura Color, and Tailed Beast Title. There will be a timer at the top of the screen and you need to offer the embers before the timer runs out else the shrine will turn into a piece of rock and you won’t be able to interact with it.

The Fox Lamp sword has two abilities which are Scorching Azure and Infernal Firestorm. The first ability charges for a second and then summons multiple Azure Embers at the opponent that deal slashing attack and explodes at the end.

The second ability has two modes, in the first mode when pressed your character will dash forward and release a beam of fire. The second mode can be activated by holding down the ability button that releases a beam of fire and then dashing at the opponent to deal with a slashing attack.

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