House Flipper 2- “The Tables Have Turned” Achievement Guide

House Flipper 2The House Flipper 2 is a casual simulation game where we are trained to be an upcoming flipper celebrity who has the solution to all the mess. But someone is needed to create a mess for others to clean. “The Tables Have Turned” achievement/trophy is related to creating a mess rather than cleaning the mess. If you are confused and want to know how to get this achievement or rather create a mess, then follow these simple steps and instructions.

The Tables Have Turned Achievement/Trophy Guide For House Flipper 2

Start the Sandbox mode and select the “New Property” option. Select any Environment and Medium size property. Next, you are required to open the Tool Menu by Right-clicking it. All the options and features to create will be listed.

To get this achievement, you will need to simply create the mess around the property area. This means selecting a Trash Generator option and throwing the trash on the property area. Increase the Amount and Speed to a considerable amount to throw trash quickly.

Next, build a wall and put Stains and Dirt all over the wall with the help of the Tool Menu. Keep on putting Stains and Dirt when you are done throwing Trash until you get the achievement “The Tables Have Turned“.

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