House Flipper 2 – Money Glitch, How To Earn 15K In 30 Seconds

House Flipper 2In House Flipper 2 we all need money to remodel and decorate our Interior, purchase items, and run-down houses to flip and make a profit. The money is earned after doing a daily honest job. But what if there is a way to cheat through the system and earn loads and loads of money infinitely? Well, there is a glitch where Tom will keep on calling and sending you money as if he has forgotten that he talked to you already. Keep on repeating the process and you will be a millionaire in no time.

Money Glitch, How To Earn 15K Money In 30 Seconds At House Flipper 2

After completing the “Tiny House To Flip” quest given by Tom Marino, he will give you a call and praise you for your skill. The profit made by flipping the house will be shared with you after. Instead of going and starting the new quest, you can enter and begin Simple Assembly. Next, you do not need to complete the Assembly, or else it will take more than 30 seconds.

Exit the Assembly and you will receive a call from Tom again explaining the previous quest that has been completed i.e. “Tiny House To Flip“. Now, if you will notice your Wallet has gained 15k which was the profit shared by Tom. Instead of starting a new quest, you can spam Assembly and keep on earning credits infinitely.

This credit can be used to purchase Houses to clean, renovate, and flip for profit after listing it in the Auction. If you are interested in learning how to unlock or get all the achievements/trophies in House Flipper 2, then check below the description:

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