House Flipper 2 – How To Use Trendsetter Tool

House Flipper 2House Flipper 2 is a casual simulation game where we start as novice flippers and earn money by helping the citizens of Pinnacove. Building trust and working diligently goes side by side. Earning 3 stars and cash for completing all the tasks can be used to decorate your property. If you are wondering how to use the Trendsetter Perk and copy the style then read it to the end.

How To Use Trendsetter Tool In House Flipper 2?

If you have completed multiple types of Jobs and sold the scraps or furniture with the help of the Flipper Tool, the experience earned will be used to upgrade the same tool. Therefore after unlocking the Duplicate Perk, next comes Trendsetter.

If you have gained enough experience points and gained a Perk point to unlock the Trendsetter, this will allow you to copy any type of style from furniture and objects. The style can be applied to modify any other objects and furniture.

Simply, Equip the Flipper Tool and press R to bring out the Wheel Menu. Under the Wheel Menu, select the option Copy Style. Press left-click to copy the style first and then paste the style on any furniture or object to match the design. If you have selected the wrong style, you can Right-click to cancel the style you have copied.

Trendsetter Tool is used to design the interior and match the colors and patterns to look more lively. For more informative guides on House Flipper 2, check the links that have been mentioned below the description:

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