House Flipper 2- How To Get A Bullseye & Trickshot Achievement

House Flipper 2The achievement list in House Flipper 2 involves simple yet missable achievements that many have not unlocked. As we are required to complete multiple tasks, the Bullseye Trophy and Trickshot Trophy can be missed as there is a specific condition that needs to be satisfied which requires special attention. Lucky for us it is not difficult so anyone can unlock it if we know what we are aiming for literally.

How To Get A Bullseye Achievement/Trophy In House Flipper 2

To get a Bullseye Trophy and Achievement, you are required to throw a trash bag into the trash can or trash bin from 10 meters or above. We are tasked with clearing Trash in every job but most of the players throw the trash bag from close distance.

If the Trash Bin is closed, you can open the lid to aim and shoot at it from a distance to get the achievement.

How To Get A Trickshot Achievement/Trophy

To get a Trickshot Achievement and Trophy, you are required to throw a trash bag into a bin successfully 3 times in a row. It is easily achievable if you have stocked all the trash bags outside the house to clean it all together.

Among these two trophy lists, The Bullseye achievement/trophy is unlocked by a minority of the players. However, now you know how to unlock these achievements, so hop on any job and aim to get it all in a single go.

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