House Flipper 2 – Full House Achievement All Collectible Location

House Flipper 2In House Flipper 2, Bessie the Beaver is a game master who will teach you the basics and provide you with tips to complete your current job easily. At the first job, you are required to clean the house and close the window, so the raccoon will not return. However, while cleaning each room you will eventually enter the bedroom where the figure of Bessie the Beaver will be placed on a shelf.

To unlock the Full House achievement, you are required to find all the small figures of Bessie that are found on different properties. Therefore Full House Achievement/Trophy is one of the hardest trophies you can unlock in this game. To assist your cause, we have listed all Bessie the Beaver collectible locations in this guide.

Full House Achievement All Bessie Collectible Location In House Flipper 2

There are 9 Bessie in total that you need to find and collect to get Full House Achievement and Trophy. The quest name and the location are mentioned below:

Pinnacove Suburbs
1. So you wanna be a house flipper? (Tom Marino)

Enter the property and go to the bedroom. Beside the window, there will be a shelf where plants and candles will be placed. In between those two objects, you will find the first Bessie the Beaver collectible.

2. I have a new quest for you (Robert Pattern)

Due to where it is placed i.e. non-quest area, it is one of the collectibles that will be missed by most of the flippers. Enter the garage. On the top shelf or rack, you will find the collectible in between a cardboard box and a luggage bag.

3. Out with the old! (Emma Baker)

As soon as you open the door to enter the property, the collectible will be placed on top of the drawer i.e. placed next to the window.

Crayfish Coast
4. Tiny house to flip (Tom Marino)

Enter the property and at the living room, you will find the collectible placed at height. Next to the bathroom door, look at the top inside the cupboards or shelf.

5. My crew is moving here (Alex Williams)

Enter the property and check the laundry room where you will find a washing machine and vacuum cleaner. Inside the crate, you will find Bessie the Beaver collectible.

Coralroot Forest
6. My house doesn't feel like home (Florence Grenier)

Enter the property, and climb the stairs to where the piano is placed on the top floor. Next to it on the top shelf, you will find Bessie the Beaver collectible.

Pinnacove Suburbs
7. Making room for our new baby (Harold Smile)

Enter the property, and check inside the living room. The collectible will be placed inside the box where the kid’s toys are kept. It can be easily mistaken as a toy.

Coralroot Forest
8. Exterior renovation (Ian Fusco)

Enter the kid’s room on the top floor. You can take a staircase at the back to reach the room directly. Next to the door, you will notice a bunch of toys are placed on the table. In the center, you will find Bessie the Beaver.

Coralroot Forest
9. Adding music studio (Keith Goto)

Enter the building, and in the living room go to the corner where you will find the sink. On top of the blue coffee machine, open the cupboard to collect the collectible.

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