Ready or Not How To Give Officer Break & Use Tablet

Ready or Not

Ready Or Not is a tactical first-person shooter game where you will experience the role of Swat officers. These officers are called to defuse hostile situations and arrest the suspects without using much lethal use of force. With bloodshed and violence in every mission, an officer might undergo some mental challenges in the game. Below you will find a brief guide on how to give your officers a break, send them to the therapist, and use your tablet.

Ready Or Not How To Give Officer Break & Make Tablet Interactive

Using too much violence or lethal weapons will increase the stress level of your officers. Once in red crisis mode, they might do something during the mission or leave the rosters. The best you can do is to send them to therapy. But you can only send three officers into therapy; if the slots are filled, you won’t be able to send anymore.

Sending an officer in therapy will make them unavailable for three missions. After three missions, they will be back and unaffected by how the past three missions go. If the therapy slot is filled and your officers are in crisis mode, you can swap out the particular officer for another.

To send your officers into therapy, you need to open your team loadout by holding down the “TAB” button. This will open your tablet and you can find your officer’s loadout menu and mission briefing. Select the officer you want to send to a therapist by selecting their profile.

To send an officer into therapy, they need to be stressed enough and in a crisis state. If they are in a yellow state, you won’t be able to send them for therapy. To decrease the stress level, you need to use non-lethal weapons. Shout or give them command two times and if they don’t comply, you can use pepper spray or tazer. Using the pepper ball guns on the face is more effective than shooting on the chest.

Hire more officers, so that you can switch between them when the therapist slots are filled and the active officers in your roster are in crisis. Simply select the officer in crisis and then double-click on the officer you want to replace it with to switch rosters. Simply pressing the Tab key won’t make your tablet interactive or open them. To open your officer roster menu, you need to hold down the tab button.

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