House Flipper 2 – How To Start Duplicating Or Duplicate Items

House Flipper 2House Flipper 2 is a building simulation game where run-down and abandoned buildings or houses are transformed or flipped into something more desirable. Helping the community of Pinnacove, your efficiency will be boosted if you have certain tools or perks unlocked. If you are not sure how to duplicate items with no limit then read it to the end.

How To Start Duplicating Or Duplicate Items In House Flipper 2

To unlock the duplicate feature, you are required to unlock the Flipper Tool’s first upgrade by completing multiple jobs and selling a bunch of scraps and damaged items of furniture. The frequent use of Flipper Tool will gain experience per use which gain you a Perk point. Once purchased you can equip the Flipper Tool and press “R” to bring out the wheel menu. In the Wheel Menu, you can select the Duplicate option to start duplicating items and any furniture.

Next, if you have selected the Duplicate feature/option activated or selected, you can start Duplicating objects by first left-clicking on the desired object. Duplicating is the same feature as purchasing objects from the Store, so it will cost you the same amount to duplicate items. The amount will be shown on your Flipper Tool, so if you have enough money for the item duplication. You will be able to purchase and make a copy of the object instantly.

The Duplicate feature is the fastest way to purchase and put objects that have already been installed in the house. Instead of opening the Store and searching for the desired item, you can duplicate an additional item with your Flipper Tool and start flipping the house.

To sell items or copy the style we also use Flipper Tool, therefore it is recommended to upgrade your Flipper Tool quickly to have every feature in a single tool to easily access everything.

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