Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora – Use SID To Fix Node In Maintenance

Avatar Frontiers Of PandoraIn Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora, quite early when you are grasping everything and reach the Resistance Headquarters for the questline “Welcome to the Resistance“. You will be given a new Tech that will be used to solve the tech problems as you progress through the story. However, SID might be quite troublesome for most of the players to learn how to use it in the beginning. Here’s what you need to do.

How To Use SID To Fix Node In Maintenance At Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora

When Teylan takes you to the maintenance and introduces you to Alexander Tremayne where he explains about his new device SID. SID is also known as the System Interrogation Device. After obtaining a SID, you are tasked to find a faulty wiring in their air filtration.

Equip the SID and use it to look at the ground to reveal a green line. Follow and track the path to the maintenance panels. Aim at the node where the “Repair” sign will pop. Aim or Interact with the node and press R2 slowly or RT on the controller whereas press Q and E on the keyboard to carefully align the line. Guide the circle inside and overlap the green circle to solve and repair the node.

Similarly, follow the wire upstairs to Resistance Headquarters and repair another node. Overlap the active or white circle into the green circle to repair. Finally, it will lead you to the final section where you will initiate hacking the door.

The first part of the door hacking involves finding the frequency by overlapping the circles. The next part is a small maze game where you are required to breach the security by navigating to the end. If you are eager to learn the location of a few high-quality material locations in Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora then check it below:

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