Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora – Gather Swamp Hive Nectar Eye Of Eywa Guide

Avatar Frontiers Of PandoraThe Eye of Eywa is a main quest that will come after you have completed the Missing Hunter questline in Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora. After investigating and helping Eetu from the crash site, you will have to relay the message back to Etuwa. From clearing the Outpost to gathering the required ingredient Swamp Hive Nectar; we have explained everything you need to do in the quest.

The Eye Of Eywa Walkthrough Guide For Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora

The quest will begin when you are required to talk to Etuwa at Hometree. Once you reach the Kinglor Nest, find Etuwa who would be standing outside the Hometree on the Northwest side. If you use the Na’vi sense, it will highlight Etuwa whom you can relay that Eetu is safe.

Nefika, the hunter will ask to bring Nectar before the ritual. The Hunter’s Guide lists all the probable growing locations for gatherables, so it is indeed beneficial to refer to the guide. Next, you can use the biome filter to find where the desirable materials or ingredients can be found.

Defeat Gas Harvester Alpha To Clear The Pollution

Next to The Threaded River, you will find all the flowers and leaves are polluted. Use Na’Vi sense to highlight the quest area in the RDA Outpost (Gas Harvester Alpha) which is mentioned below:

  • Close the gas storage pipeline.
  • Shut down the external seismic tower.
  • Shut down the inner yard’s seismic tower.

Due to pollution, nature is dying and you will have no means of collecting resources from the area. After completing all the tasks, the RDA Outpost will stop functioning and get destroyed. The RDAs will be driven away and nature will take over the area.

Gather Swamp Hive Nectar

To find and harvest Swamp Hive Nectar, you will need to search Silk Woods which comes under Swamp Lowlands Biome. Search on the West side of Gas Harvester Alpha for the Swamp Hive Nectar where they grow in abundance. Once you reach the location, use your Na’vi senses to focus and highlight the Hive Nectar.

The quality doesn’t matter for this quest so you can get the Fine cooking ingredient i.e. Swamp Nectar Comb from the Hive Nectar. Once collected the quest will be updated telling you to bring it back to Etuwa and Nefika at the Glade of Light. The cutscene will trigger because you have the required ingredient in your possession.

Check your Inventory before approaching the quest area as many have reported that it sometimes disappears from your Inventory. It is common to sometimes get confused from Forest Nectar with Swamp Nectar. So, do check your Inventory before going to the next quest area.

After experiencing everything through the eyes of the Queen, you will return to Etuwa and Nefika. Finally, to prepare yourself to get an Ikran, you will need to establish a connection with Eywa at the Tree of Voices in Glade of Light to complete the quest line.

To learn from where you can collect the Exquisite materials locations, we have already posted guides i.e. listed below:

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