Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora Cloud spitter seed & Pod fruit location

Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora

In Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora, the cloud spitter and the pod fruits are the two cooking ingredients you need to find during the side quest called “The Celebration Mural”. To start this quest you need to find four Na’vi NPC in The Circle Zeswa Clan Home area.

In the settlement, go straight, and on the right, you will find a lot of Na’vi cheering for a friendly fight. Behind the two Na’vi fighting you will find four Na’vi NPC standing. These NPC are Tukru, Akoray, and two others.

After interacting with them, you will start the Celebration Mural quest. In this quest, you need to find various items and bring them to Tukru. The first task will be to find Superior or Exquisite ingredients of Cloud Spitter and Pod Fruit to make dyes for the mural. Below you will find a brief guide on the location of two fruits and how to obtain them.

Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora – Exquisite Cloud Spitter seed & Exquisite Pod Fruit Location

Cloud Spitter Seed

On the south west side of The Circle Zeswa Clan Home, you will find a area called “Weeping Steps” on top side of Step’s Cradle. The Exquisite Cloud Spitter plant will be located above the rocky structure on the high ground and to reach it use your mount Ikran.

After reaching the area, go near or behind a Cloud Spitter plant and it will a cloud spitter seed towards a random location but no so far. Go towards the direction in which the cloud spitter is dropped and extract the seed to obtain the Cloud Spitter Seed.

Pod Fruit Location

Towards the northeast side of the Upper Plains, you will find the Pod Fruit. On the top side of Shattered Bridge, you will find the Wild Purple Steppe Biome as marked in the image above.

Dangerous creatures lurk in the biome and you need to be careful while trying to obtain the Exquisite Pod Fruit. After reaching the area look for a bush-like tree and use your Na’vi sense to spot the fruit at the foot of the trunk.

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