Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince Egg Farming Trick

Dragon quest monsters the dark prince

In Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince, there are plenty of monsters you will find in the wild. Apart from these, you can fuse monsters together to obtain monsters with better traits and abilities. Some of the monsters in the game can only be obtained from the eggs. Below you will find a brief guide on how to find eggs and how to find a particular monster in the rainbow egg.

Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince How To Farm Egg Quickly

To find eggs quickly in the game, you need to stand at a vantage point that has a clear view of the area. This way you can spot the egg quickly and farm it. In each area, there will be 3 eggs and after opening the 3 eggs you need to reset them by joining in 10 battles and teleport to the next area.

The best time to farm the eggs is after clearing the Cradle of Corruption Middle Echelon. This way you will have access to the rainbow eggs. Some traits can only be obtained by the monsters hatched from an egg. There are different types of eggs and the best one is the rainbow egg. You can find the color of an egg after interacting with it.

To farm a particular monster in an egg, you need to turn off auto-save and make a save file before teleporting to the egg location. For example, make a save file in Circle of Temper, then travel to Aamon’s Sanctum in Circle of Caprice, Upper Echelon area.

Now search the eggs from a vantage point and open all three eggs. If you didn’t find the monsters you are looking for or rainbow eggs, you can load the save file of Circle of Temper and again visit Aamon’s Sanctum.

Now the three eggs will be in completely different locations that you need to find, but will yield different colors and different monsters. You can try this trick multiple times to obtain a particular monster from the egg. To reach or find some of the eggs, you might have to change the season.

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