Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora – Find Exquisite Ragtrunk Root Easily

Avatar Frontiers Of PandoraIn Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora, Ragtrunk Root is located in the region which you will explore later on. As we already know there are three type of quality that determines the damage and stats of gear or weapon. Fine is the lowest quality whereas Exquisite is the highest quality.

Locating an Exquisite material is not difficult if you know where it can be found and how to distinguish between lower and better qualities. The location where you can farm Exquisite or Superior Ragtrunk Root and how to spot them easily without using Na’vi’s vision is explained in this guide.

How And Where To Find Exquisite Ragtrunk Root Easily In Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora?

The Roots are one of the primary crafting materials i.e. required for crafting Heavy Bow. Specifically, Ragrtunk Root is a Flora i.e. found in the Clouded Forest. If you have explored the region then you will need to go to Stone Cloud Valley where the White Moss Forest Biome dominates.

Near the waterfall i.e. emerging from the Crying Giant, you will be able to locate Ragtrunk Root that grows under the Ragtrunk trees. To get an Exquisite Ragtrunk Root, you will need to have “Stable Hand” skills to easily harvest the materials in Pristine condition. Next, the best quality can only be harvested in the daytime, so if you want the highest quality of Ragtrunk Root then you better visit in the morning.

To distinguish between Fine, and Superior or Exquisite; you can cook and eat “Navao’s Niktsyey” to get the buff. The ingredient required to cook Navao’s Niktsyey is Pod Fruit (Superior) and Feather Blade Seed (Superior).

To learn more about other Exquisite materials locations, we have already posted guides i.e. listed below:

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