Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora – Find Exquisite Forest Seaweed Bast

Avatar Frontiers Of PandoraIn Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora, there are various species of Flora and Fauna each providing unique resources. These resources have different uses where some might be used to craft weapons and armor, whereas few are used to cook meals. Forest Seaweed Bast is a fibrous water plant required to craft weapons.

While crafting, the quality of the Forest Seaweed Bast will determine the stats of your weapon. The stat will be higher when you use Exquisite Forest Seaweed Bast and vice versa. Therefore, it is necessary to locate and farm an Exquisite materials and in this case Forest Seaweed Bast.

Where To Find Exquisite Forest Seaweed Bast In Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora?

Bast is a weapon crafting material and in this category, you can get an Exquisite Forest Seaweed most of the time by simply driving away most of the RDA Facilities and Outposts empty. This will let nature take over these areas and start allowing new resources that include Superior and Exquisite materials in the area.

Forest Seaweed can be obtained in shallow waters throughout the Kinglor Forest. However, the rarer forest seaweed can be obtained from the Swamp Lowlands biome around Woodsprite Arches in Kinglor Forest. While harvesting make sure that the Forest Seaweed is in Pristine condition and Dry.

While farming or having any intention of farming materials, it is recommended to cook “Navao’s Niktsyey” meal. To cook this meal, you will only need Pod Fruit (Superior) and Feather Blade Seed (Superior). This allows your character to highlight all the Superior and Exquisite materials without even using Na’vi’s senses.

The resources will spawn after 24 hours, so you can check the same location if the weather type suits its harvesting condition i.e. Dry. If you want to know where to find other Exquisite materials then check other guides as listed below:

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