Roblox Pet Simulator 99 – How To Get Titanic Pets

Pet Simulator 99

In Roblox Pet Simulator 99. the Titanic pets are huge pets that are extremely rare to get on in the game. There are currently two methods through which you will be able to get a titanic pet. Both the method requires spending a lot of money.

While the method doesn’t guarantee you a Titanic, the second method will get you one, if you are willing to spend around 250$. Below you will find a brief guide on both the methods and how to get huge pets.

Roblox Pet Simulator 99 – How To Get Titanic Pets

The first method to obtain a titanic pet is by opening exclusive eggs. These eggs can be found in the exclusive store and require Robux currency. The cost of one egg is 400 Robux and if you buy 10, you will get a discount of 20%. By opening eggs, you will have a 0.05% chance of obtaining a titanic pet.

The second method is to buy the game’s official merch. With official merch, you will obtain a merch code. You can redeem the code by scrolling to the bottom of the exclusive store. To buy official merch you can visit the official website. On the official website, you can find the date for the next batch of merch available and get yourself a Titanic or a huge pet.

The titanic pet will always be much stronger than your best pets. The titanic pets have charm slots where you could equip charms and increase their stats dealing damage and obtaining items, coins and diamonds.

As the titanic pets are extremely rare, you can get yourself a huge pet for the time being. There are various ways to obtain a huge. You can check out our previous guide on how to get a huge pet through egg hatching.

Apart from eggs, you can get huge pets by playing the mini-games. The mini-games list that has a chance to get huge pets are:

  • Stairway To Heaven – Each time you climb a flight of stairs, the server will regenerate the next stairs and it goes on and on. There is a one-in-a-million chance to reach the top. Upon reaching the top you will get a huge angel dog.
  • Fishing Mini-game – There is a very small chance of obtaining the huge Poseidon corgi through fishing.
  • Digsite Mini-game – Chance of obtaining a huge fossil dragon through digging. You need to have the best shovel and open treasure to get one.
  • Chest Rush Mini-game – You can get a huge fire horse but the chances are extremely low.

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