Roblox Anime Champion Simulator – Complete Death Ball Quest

Roblox Anime Champions Simulator

Roblox Anime Champion Simulator and Death Ball got updated recently with new content and a collab between the two games. After the latest update in the champion city, you will find a new NPC called Death Ball Guy. In the collaboration between the anime champion simulator and Death Ball, you will be able to obtain the champion sword and mythic skin by completing the challenge in both games. Below you will find a brief guide on how to complete the challenge and claim rewards.

Roblox Anime Champion Simulator – How To Complete Death Ball Quest

To complete the quest, you need to first reach the champion city. The champion city will be the last planet in the first world. In the city talk to Death Ball Guy to get inside the Death Ball game. There you need to level up your character to level 20.

If you have never played death ball before, you need to reflect the ball with your sword when the ball approaches you. Usually, the ball color will be white when it is targeting another player and will turn red when it is your turn to deflect. You will have some abilities that you can use to gain advantage in the battle.

Unlike the blade ball game, in death ball, you will have three health, and deflecting the ball will give you some experience. You don’t have to win all the games, keep deflecting the balls and accumulate EXP to reach level 20.

To claim the champion sword in Death Ball, you will have to complete the Welcome to ACS quest in Anime Champion Simulator and earn a badge. To complete the ACS quest, you need to defeat 100 enemies, repair a magical tree in the pirate town, and re-roll a quirk. After completing these tasks you will complete the death ball challenge quest in the anime champion simulator.

Once the collaboration challenge is completed in both games, you can visit the Death ball game to claim your rewards.

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