Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora – Where To Find Superior Sunset Reed

Avatar Frontiers Of PandoraSunset Reed is a resource or material that you will need to gather for upgrading and crafting items in Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora. Even in certain scenarios, you are needed to collect and gather materials as a quest requirement. The Superior Sunset Reed is not hard to farm or gather if you know what are the conditions to harvest the higher-quality materials. In this guide, we have explained everything you need to know in order to find and farm Superior Sunset Reed.

How And Where To Find Superior Sunset Reed In Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora?

Sunset Reed is found commonly in the shallow water of the Crimson Trees biome. One of the Na’vi camps i.e. Thinker’s Point is a campsite inhabited by the Zeswa. The camp is surrounded by the shallow water in Mother of Rivers which is a perfect location for Sunset Reed to grow. To harvest or gather a Superior version of any material and in this case Superior Sunset Reed, you will need to unlock “Stable Hands“.

The better or higher quality materials grew in perfect condition where there is no pollution. Therefore drive away the RDA from its base and heal nature back to its original state. Then, you will be able to farm a bunch of Superior Sunset Reeds easily in Mother of Rivers or anywhere in this process.

The Superior or Exquisite materials grow in regions where there is no pollution and all the condition is satisfied while plucking any materials. So, if you are wondering where and how to get other Superior materials such as Night Leaf Branch and Sky Rock Moss then we have guides posted already which you can check.

It is also recommended to keep on checking the Merchant’s supply as they do have Superior materials for sale from time to time.

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