Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora -Superior Night Leaf Branch Location

Avatar Frontiers Of PandoraNight Leaf Branch is a crafting material or resource in Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora i.e. used to craft a Longbow. Other than a Longbow these will be also used to craft various weapons, armor, ammunition, and mods. Therefore it is one of the sought resources that we would be required to farm and harvest when going out in an exploration. If you are searching for a location to farm these superior Night Leaf Branch then this guide will assist you.

Superior Night Leaf Branch Locations In Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora

The Superior Night Leaf Branch can be farmed at Stoneblade Ridge which is a Swamp Lowland Biome. Other than this area, you will be able to find the Night Leaf Branch in various other locations such as Gossamer Lakes.

To farm in certain areas, you will need to encounter the RDA bases and destroy the Facility. Most importantly, unlock the “Stable Hands” to gather materials in Pristine condition. It is best to harvest the Night Leaf Branch during the rainfall or after it’s soaked water from the rain to increase its quality. If you pluck or harvest it carefully in Pristine condition, you will be able to get the superior Night Leaf Branch in your inventory.

Similar to other resources, Night Leaf Branch has a respawn time of 24 hours. If you are not sure or found any new places to get Night Leaf Branch, then you can still go back to the known locations to farm Night Leaf Branch. You need to focus mainly on not damaging the Night Leaf Branch and its harvested during rainfall.

Look out for the Na’Vi merchants and check what they are selling. Sometimes they sell superior materials. To increase the chance of getting superior and best materials out of their pocket, you need to gain their trust.

In our previous guides, we have also listed where you can mainly find the Superior Sky Rock Moss which is also a crafting material for the Torso armor. It is always recommended to progress through the main storyline before exploring the maps unless you have unlocked Ikran.

Ikran will be unlocked at the end of the Take Flight quest line. This will allow you to access both grounds and sky while also traveling a larger distance in a short period.

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