Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora – How To Unlock Skill Ghost Strike

Avatar Frontiers Of PandoraIn the Upper Plains, you will be allowed to establish a connection with Eywa successfully to unlock a new Ancestral Skill in Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora. The Ancestral Skills are unique and powerful skills that are passed down from generation to generation. These Ancestral Skills are beneficial in every aspect whether in Exploration or Combat. Therefore, we have explained everything in this guide on how to unlock the Ghost Strike.

How To Unlock Skill Ghost Strike In Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora?

As already mentioned, you will find the Ghost Strike Ancestral skill in the Upper Plains. Well, the problem is Upper Plain is too huge. So, if you have taken any quest that will let you pass through the Windswept Grasslands Biome of Mother of Rivers i.e. close to First Zakru. You will be able to locate the Ancestral Skill “Ghost Strike” on your map which will require Ikran as it is located in height.


Land on top of the marked area and enter the cave opening. You will immediately have to swim and cross the water to discover Sarentu Grounds. Explore the sacred cave and it might be confusing at the beginning but make sure you do not miss any small crack or entrance that connects to different areas.

Once you enter the cave and submerge into the water that connects the path to the Sarentu Grounds. You will be required to take a right turn and proceed forward to enter a huge area.

Instead of dropping down into the water, jump across the platform and reach the other end to slide under the small opening. As soon as you reach a new area, drop down to the ground level or water level to find another path on the left side.

Slide under the small gap to enter the final area where you can climb the rocks to reach the high ground. Move forward to locate the Tarsyu flower that will unlock the Ghost Strike that enables you to deal +30% stealth damage.

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